iOSCon 2019: day 1 roundup

by Dan Cutting

Another year, another iOSCon at Skills Matter CodeNode. I love this venue, and Carla and the team always put on a good show with plenty of great speakers.

I’m not presenting this year but it’s fun to attend without the pressure of having to speak coherently for 45 minutes in front of hundreds of people. :)

Returning for his third year as MC, Paul Ardeleanu kicked things off with an unusual theme for the conference: Kindness. Who would have thought you’d have to remind people to be not crappy to each other? But as the world continues to polarise, Paul’s call for a bit of respect resonated.

My favourite talks so far:

Day 2 tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to Lizzie Siegle’s talk about generating songs, and Graham Lee’s talk provocatively titled “Beyond TDD”.

Say hi if you’re around! #ioscon

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