iOSCon 2018 sneak preview

by Dan Cutting

This year’s iOSCon is gearing up for its March 22nd–23rd run at CodeNode and I’m really pleased to be back again!

My “grand tour” of iOS architectures last year laid out the various patterns my team had been looking at as we faced some tough architectural decisions with our large-scale app.

One year on, we’ve come up with the “Remix” patterns that walk the fine line between code reuse and feature flexibility. As a bonus, we’ve also discovered some amazing techniques to make UX tests run subsecond! ;)

I hope you’ll find the talk useful for rethinking how and why we structure apps the way we do and I’m looking forward to hanging out again with a great bunch of iOS geeks!

Hi, I'm Dan Cutting. I mainly write Swift for iOS but love working on Mac apps, web APIs, and programming languages too.

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